It's reccommended to read this page at least once - it contains useful info.

Thanks for joining us !

This server launched to the public in March 2021 and is in expansion phase - there is no charge or registration needed for access for now, however, you can connect your account to Discord using the command /discord link in game for registered member perks, such as increased backpack size and higher wage rate, also you must be registered to create a new faction. Registering is also a good idea in the event a whitelist is enforced in the future - you'll be safe. If you enjoy playing on this server you can get extra unlocks and support the server via our Store - proceeds go right back in to the Server - a Win-Win!

We aim to provide a good experience for both Java/Bedrock users - you should be able to connect using the URL on the standard port but if you are experiencing difficulties or using Bedrock Connect, you can enter our IP directly:

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, issues, etc regarding the server reach out to an operator on discord or in-game.

Custom Gameplay Mechanics/Rules :

Most gameplay modifications come from the plugins below, however one game rule on the server is changed from standard survival: You will keep to your inventory on death, except when you die during a Bloodmoon...

Plugins that enhance Gameplay :

If we've provided a link to a plugin above, it would benefit your gameplay to learn about it. Good thing is that the server has shortcuts and NPC's to guide you, but more info is provided above should you choose to learn more...

If you only play on Java Edition - you can stop reading, the rest of the info on the page is for Bedrock players only.

Linking Java and Bedrock Accounts [optional]

There are a couple of reasons you may want to link your Bedrock account to Java. One reason, for example, is let's say you wanted to play the same character on two systems that can only run either Bedrock or Java, for example on a Mac (Java only) and Xbox (Bedrock) - account linking makes this possible. Another reason perhaps to have a linked Java account even if you mainly play on a Bedrock client is to be able to use the Store , which is limited to Java accounts. Below are instructions to link your Java and Bedrock accounts :

  1. Log in on java and run /linkaccount .
  2. You will get a message asking you to run the linkaccount command on Bedrock.
  3. Run the command given to you, and you will be kicked on Bedrock. Upon relogging, you will be logged in as your java account.

Important Console Connection Steps [REQUIRED ON CONSOLE]

You may connect to this server with Bedrock Edition. However if you are on a console or other system that doesn't support custom servers out of the box, see the videos or read further how to connect on Xbox, Playstation, Switch, etc...

On console edition of Bedrock, Microsoft has turned off the ability to connect to servers beyond what they have authorized, however, *** there is an easy way around this. *** It is very simple and the same process on each to do on each console, just requiring you to make a very small change to your console's internet connection settings. Check out the appropriate video below for your system.

Just follow the steps in the applicable video above and you should be good to connect to our server IP from inside Minecraft:

If you prefer reading or could use a reference, here's a recap of the general process : First, you'll have to change DNS settings on your console's internet settings to "manual". Then, once you're manually editing your DNS settings, you'll have to change your Primary and Secondary DNS server settings like so:

  • Primary DNS Server : | You must change your primary DNS server to ""; this is a custom DNS server allows you access to another menu inside the Official Servers Page where you can connect to "Unofficial Servers", including this one using our IP on the default port.
  • Secondary DNS Server : | You should set your secondary DNS to "" which is Google's DNS provider or another reliable DNS server as reliable fallback for your console to function normally on the internet outside of Minecraft.

Once you've got your Bedrock Connect set up allowing you to enter custom servers, you should see a new server selection menu inside Minecraft. At your new server selection menu inside the your Minecraft game, enter our server IP which is : - don't change the port settings. You should be connected now! Hopefully that's all you need and are good to go! If for some reason you're more curious about how this works than you need to be or need more assistance, you can read the official docs for Bedrock Connect or visit us on Discord.

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